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I Love Motorcycles!

Suzuki GSX-R 750

The Gixxer was my first bike.  In retrospect, a 750cc Superbike probably isn’t a very good first bike.  However, I was not a spring chicken when I got my first bike and I had a healthy amount of respect for the power that the bike had.

This bike was blindingly fast, it sounded amazing, and I felt like a superhero when I was riding it.  That being said…it wasn’t comfortable for anything longer than a 45-minute ride.

Sometimes, when life is feeling extra mid-life crisis-ish, I think that I would like to get a Gixxer again.  I usually come to my senses within a day or two.

Kawasaki Vulcan 900 SE

I picked up this bike from the dealership in a small town north of Barrie, ON and immediately began riding it across the country, all the way to Vancouver.

This bike was very comfortable and it served as my daily driver in Vancouver for 3 years.  I rode it rain or shine for the entire time I was a student at Simon Fraser University.

I made the mistake of putting extremely loud pipes on this bike.  It was borderline obnoxious and I couldn’t take the bike downtown without feeling embarrassed as each little twist of the throttle sent a thunderous roar echoing throughout the concrete jungle.

Night Rod Special

When I graduated from Simon Fraser University, I got an amazing job as the Marketing Manager for Canada’s Oldest Harley-Davidson® dealership, Trev Deeley Motorcycles.

I had been a Harley fan boy for many years by that point and I could not wait to take advantage of their employee pricing and get myself something amazing.  Trying to choose my war pony from such an amazing stable was a daunting task but it was, ultimately, my wife who chose anyway.  She came into the dealership and looked at the Night Rod Special and said “That one is hot” and that was good enough for me.

Ducati Hypermotard

I am not sure why I got this hooligan bike.  It handled amazingly well but, like the Gixxer, it wasn’t comfortable over the long haul and it just wasn’t practical for the type of riding that I do.  I guess I got it because I had always wanted a Ducati, don’t get me wrong – it is an awesome machine, it just wasn’t awesome for me.

And so, after 2 short years of ownership, I traded in the Ducati for a pair of Sea Doos.  My thinking was that I could take the entire family out on the lake and enjoy quality time with the kids while they still want to spend their weekends with me.  There will be plenty of time to ride after they don’t think I’m cool anymore.

Help Me Choose My Next Bike

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