Go Kart Racing!

By July 26, 2017Family

Kaya and I decided to check out the go karts in Abbotsford today and as we drove towards Castle Fun Park, I could sense her initial excitement fading. By the time we had pulled into the parking lot, she was a nervous mess. When I asked what was wrong she told me that she was afraid to crash because she had never driven anything before. There’s a first time for everything, right?

We walked up to the fence and watched a group of young racers rip around the track. Her excitement slowly came back when she saw how the young kids were able to drive the go karts. We talked to the attendant who reassured Kaya that everything would be fine and that she would be able to handle the go karts without a problem.  Well…almost.  At the end of our turn, we had to park the go karts in a straight line and, unfortunately for me, I was the car right in front of Kaya.  She came in a little hot and completely missed the brake pedal, the rear end collision was pretty jarring and I definitely felt it in my neck later that night.  Overall though, she did fantastically.  It was a really great father/daughter moment and I can’t wait to teach her how to drive a real car.

The cost was $8 each and we were able to drive for 5 minutes, which was enough time for about 12 laps around the course. Kaya had a blast and she begged me to let her go a second time, which I did…because I am an awesome dad!

It was a great day and I love spending some quality time with my princess.




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