Susanna and I met in 1998 when we were next door neighbours at the University of Alberta.  There was a full moon in the city and the night was young.  We were hungry for love, we were hungry for fun.  As we got to know each other, we gazed up at the sky and found that Orion’s arms were wide enough to hold us both together. It has been nearly 20 years and she still sings those cheesy 80’s tunes.

Susanna is my rock.  She keeps our family running smoothly. She supported me when I went back to University and she encourages me to chase my dreams.  When I was struggling after the death of my brother, she was the light at the end of the tunnel.  There is nobody else who understands me the way that she does.  I don’t think that it is possible, but I try to be as perfect a partner to her as she is to me.

I love you Sue!


Kaya Dawn, my little princess, is growing up way too fast. She just finished Grade 5 and is looking forward to starting High School in a few short years. She is intelligent, funny, and sweet…but don’t let that fool you, she is also a Brazilin Jiu Jitsu student at Athlete’s Arena in Maple Ridge.

Kaya has a very creative way of thinking and telling stories. Over the past few years, I have offered guidance with her class speeches but this year I decided to let her spread her wings and fly on her own…she totally nailed it! Her speech about the Salmon life cycle was excellent. I am very proud of the young woman that she is becoming but she will always be my baby girl.

I am very proud of the young woman that Kaya is becoming but she will always be my baby girl.


Kristopher Raven, affectionately known as ‘Nugget’, is a very special little dude.  He fills my life with a cheeky humour that truly honours his trickster name.  His evil grin betrays a personality that brings both total sweetness and complete chaos at the same time.  I love him with all my heart.

He just completed Kindergarten and is looking forward to his next year of school.  He loves ‘smashing waves’ on the Sea-Doo’s, playing Mine Craft on his XBox, having sleepovers with his little buddies, and having battles.

Crabs and Prawns from Heiltsuk Waters!

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This was an amazing day!  I asked Susanna’s high school classmate, Trav Hall, to give me a tour of his territories.  I went out on the boat with Trav and his very funny cousin, Junior.  I heard some great stories and learned some of the histories of the territory.  After it was all done, I had a feast of crab and prawn!

Ǧiáxsix̌a to Trav and Junior for their hospitality.  Next time, I’ll get the refreshments!

Walt Disney World Vacation – Day 1

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We left Vancouver at about 11 PM on July 26th. After travelling for 13 hours, we landed in Orlando, tired but excited for the adventures to come.

We caught an Uber to the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort. Our driver was named Oscar and he did an amazing Donald Duck impression.

We headed over to Disney Springs and did a bit of shopping before going to The Rainforest Cafe for dinner.

When we got back to the hotel we went to the resort beach for s’mores by the campfire and then we spent about an hour splashing in the pool.

Completely exhausted, we went to be early so that we could be ready for tomorrow’s adventure at Animal Kingdom!

Laity Pumpkin Patch

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Fall Family Fun

On the 9th of October, we took the kids to the Laity Pumpkin Patch here in Maple Ridge.  There was a corn maze, many puzzles and games, a parkour course, animals, and a tractor ride.  It is still too far away from Halloween to grab our pumpkins but Nugget had the perfect one picked out and he was quite disappointed that we would not let him bring it home with us that day.  I am sure that we will get an earful when we go back and his pumpkin is not there anymore.

I will be sure to take lots of photos at Halloween, see you then!