Crabs and Prawns from Heiltsuk Waters!

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This was an amazing day!  I asked Susanna’s high school classmate, Trav Hall, to give me a tour of his territories.  I went out on the boat with Trav and his very funny cousin, Junior.  I heard some great stories and learned some of the histories of the territory.  After it was all done, I had a feast of crab and prawn!

Ǧiáxsix̌a to Trav and Junior for their hospitality.  Next time, I’ll get the refreshments!

Syéx̱w Chó:leqw

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Syéx̱w Chó:leqw Adventure Park

I am very proud to announce that we have completed phase #1 of the Syéx̱w Chó:leqw Adventure Park.

The grand opening ceremony will be held on September 14th at 11AM.

Phase #2 of construction begins in October!

Adventures in Podcasting

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Adventures in Podcasting

I have been listening to podcasts for 4 years now.  My commute from Maple Ridge to Ruby Creek is 70 minutes each way, so I have a lot of time to listen to audio in the car and, as much as I love her, even Taylor Swift starts to get stale after a few years on repeat.

My podcast obsession started with Serial, a true crime story about a young man in prison when there is substantial doubt about whether he is the murderer or not.  The podcast was an amazing display of storytelling, the narrator drew me in and I simply could not wait to get back into the vehicle to listen to the next episode.  Good podcasts are like that, they are addictive.

Some of my current favourites are:

So here I am 4 years later and I thought I would try to make a podcast, as a hobby.  One of the first things that you need to decide when setting out to create a podcast is what it is that you will talk about.  I don’t have much expertise in anything, aside from being devilishly handsome and charming, so it took some time to figure out what my podcast should be about.  I have finally decided that I will talk about my job.  Economic Development in First Nations communities.  This will be a great way to connect with the members of the community that I work for and it will expand my network in the field by allowing me to interview successful Economic Development Officers, Consultants, Chief and Council members and grassroots Entrepreneurs.

So I am going to give it a go.  This is the first ever episode of Ruby Creek Radio.  In this episode, I interview Patrick Lucas from the Aboriginal Youth Mountain Bike Program about the trail network that we are currently building on the north side of Skawahlook I.R. #1.  This isn’t anything fancy.  There is no catchy theme music yet and I totally stumble through the interview but here it is.  Enjoy!

Click The Link Below To Listen
Episode 001 – Patrick Lucas

Stó:lō Place Names Tour

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On June 3rd, 2017 I joined 2 board members and 3 staff members of the Stó:lō Service Agency for a Stó:lō Place Names Tour.  My wife and daughter also joined us for the tour.

Sonny McHalsie was our tour guide for the trip.  Sonny does 3 distinct place name tours.  There is one that focuses on the Ts’elxwéyeqw Tribes, one that goes upriver, and one that goes downriver.  On this day we went on the upriver tour.

Sonny is a walking encyclopedia of Stó:lō history.  The tour lasted for about 6 hours and he spoke without a script, or even notes, the entire time. His stories were extremely educational and entertaining.  I also appreciated that he cut the x-rated parts of the stories out since there were children on the tour with us.

I would highly recommend one of Sonny’s Place Names Tours to anyone who has an interest in local Stó:lō culture.