Queen Cleo’paw’tra

The Arrival

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Cleo’paw’tra of the House Bellegarde, the First of Her Name, The Shedder, Queen of the Rez Dogs and of Mike’s Heart, Chewer of Great Bones, Protector of the Bellegarde Realm, Eater of Treats and the Mother of Fur Dragons.

It is a glorious day for the people of Saskatchewan!

Your new Queen has arrived and those that bend the knee will be rewarded with slobbery kisses.  Those that don’t will be hounded for attention…without mercy!

Cleo’paw’tra Goes on an Adventure

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Rieboldt Park is a short drive from our house.  Cleo and I frequently go for morning walks through this serene little forest.  The park is always beautiful but this particular morning was especially enchanting as the fog was quite thick and heavy droplets of morning dew clung to the leaves of the trees.

An interesting fact is that this tiny park is home to 12 black bears, according to the park caretaker.  I have never personally seen any of the bears but I have been assured that they have seen me.  I am not too worried about it, there hasn’t been a black bear attack in Maple Ridge in as long as anyone can remember.  They appear to be more afraid of us than we are of them.